A game changer; the USGBC goes all-in on performance

A game changer; the USGBC goes all-in on performance

It started in 2015 with the launch of the Performance Score pathway for LEED certification. With the recent release of LEED v4.1 beta, Performance Score will now become the foundation of USGBC’s flagship O+M rating system for existing buildings.

Performance Score (formerly LEED Dynamic Plaque) is an annual certification pathway for existing buildings that is driven by USGBC’s Arc online platform. Following the same point scale and certification levels as other LEED rating systems, Performance Score generates a real-time score using readily available performance data that most portfolios already track. Think ENERGY STAR certification but more categories.

Listening to the market

LEED has received its fair share of criticism over the years. Most notably, the burden of documentation and considerable time commitment required of property teams over an intense 6-12+ month period. Performance Score and now v4.1 O+M beta have simplified and streamlined the (re)certification process, using readily available performance data as documentation.

The industry is pivoting

Many leading real estate owners have already taken the plunge. Boston Properties, Vornado, Kilroy, Parkway, Tishman Speyer, Cousins, among others, have embraced Performance Score and see the value of this more cost-effective, streamlined option. With the release of v4.1 O+M beta, this trend is accelerating in 2018.

How it works

Performance data from the following five categories is entered into the Arc platform to generate a real-time Performance Score:

  • Energy:  Enter monthly whole-building energy usage data. Data can be automatically imported from Portfolio Manager.
  • Water:  Enter monthly whole-building water usage data. Data can be automatically imported from Portfolio Manager.
  • Waste:  Enter monthly waste diversion data or the results of an annual waste audit.
  • Transportation: Distribute an annual survey to tenants through the Arc platform to determine how they travel to/from work. No more paper surveys!
  • Human Experience: Perform annual carbon dioxide (CO2) and total volatile organic compound (TVOC) testing to assess indoor air quality. Distribute an annual survey to tenants through the Arc platform to gauge their satisfaction with the building environment (Note: One online tenant survey covers both the Transportation and Human Experience categories). 

Initial certifications

Properties not previously LEED certified can achieve initial certification through LEED v4.1 beta O+M by generating a Performance Score and demonstrating compliance with basic LEED prerequisites and optional "base" points. 

Explore the Arc platform

If you would like to learn more about Performance Score and explore the Arc platform via a screen share, let's connect.

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