February 9, 2017



Our team has supported the USGBC and EPA in the development of the LEED and ENERGY STAR programs and have certified over 75 million sq. ft. of commercial real estate. Our goals are simple; minimize the burden on your team, keep certification costs low, improve building performance to offset or cover certification costs, and achieve targeted certification levels. Because you hire green building experts to facilitate the certification process, not to manage your team, Breea provides streamlined solutions for the following green building certifications:

LEED continues to maintain dominance in the market and is globally recognized as the standard for green building certification. We support the full suite of LEED rating systems, including the most cost-effective certification path for existing buildings, the LEED Performance Score.

ENERGY STAR certification is the industry standard for energy efficiency that recognizes buildings performing in the top 25th percentile of similar buildings across the country. Our team has achieved the ENERGY STAR certification for over 300 properties.

Launched in 2014 and gaining significant momentum, WELL is focused on measuring, monitoring, and certifying the performance of building features that impact health, well-being, and productivity.