Convention centers and LEED Performance Score; A perfect union

Convention centers and LEED Performance Score; A perfect union

The LEED for Existing Buildings (EB) rating system was originally designed for office buildings, not convention centers. The unique operating conditions of convention centers create a long trail of LEED EB paperwork that pulls your team away from their core mission. LEED Performance Score streamlines the certification process and provides the same outcome of LEED certification with less time and money.
Launched in 2015, LEED Performance Score (formerly known as LEED Dynamic Plaque) is a certification pathway developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) that focuses on readily available performance data. Performance Score generates a real-time performance score and follows the same point scale and certification levels as traditional EB certification (i.e., Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). Convention centers can achieve initial or recertifications through LEED Performance Score. 

Austin Convention Center
Breea recently supported the Austin Convention Center in achieving LEED Gold recertification through Performance Score.

The benefits

Pursuing LEED (re)certification through Performance Score can save your organization time and money when compared to traditional LEED EB certification, while strengthening your sustainability platform and attracting new business. The benefits include:

  • Attract green meetings. Strengthen your sustainability platform and attract green meetings and conferences.
  • Strong business case: 25-50% lower costs than traditional LEED EB certification.
  • Save time: Requires minimal documentation and ongoing maintenance, reducing the time commitment of your staff and consultants.
  • Focused on performance: Uses readily available metrics that you likely already track to generate a real-time performance score.
  • Annual recertifications: Achieve higher levels of certification each year as your convention center performance improves, rather than being locked into the same certification level for five years.
  • Engage your visitors. Provides a valuable opportunity to engage your visitors and increase the visibility of your sustainability efforts. Purchase the digital plaque (pictured above) or connect your existing digital information screens to animations in the LEED Arc online portal.

How it works

Performance data from the following five categories is entered into the Arc online platform to generate a real-time performance score.

  • Energy, Water, and Waste: Track monthly energy, water, and waste performance data in the Arc online platform. Utility and waste data can be automatically imported from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
  • Transportation: Distribute an annual transportation survey through the Arc online platform. 
  • Human Experience: Perform annual carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compound (VOC) testing to assess indoor air quality. Distribute an annual satisfaction survey through the Arc online platform.  

Initial LEED certifications? 
Convention centers not previously LEED certified can achieve certification through Performance Score by demonstrating compliance with basic LEED prerequisites and optional "base" points.

We want to be a resource for you. If you would like to discuss LEED Performance Score (re)certification for your convention center or have any questions, please contact us at 336.701.3110 or

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